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Brigette's Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free One Pot Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Excited to share this one pot gluten-free & dairy-free pasta I threw together in less than 20 minutes! Shoutout to Trader Joe's 🖤

For those who don’t know what I’ve been up to, I broke my toe last November. As a result, this has been the longest period of time I haven’t consistently worked out in years. Two months to be exact. And if I’m being completely honest, 2021 was rough — physically, mentally, and emotionally. So in an effort to bounce back, I started working with a nutrition coach a couple of weeks ago!

To start the year off, she asked me to cut out dairy, gluten, and alcohol. Although it’s been a challenge because cheese, pasta, and instant noodles are three of my guiltiest pleasures, it has allowed me to experiment and try things I probably wouldn’t have tried before.

For anyone who might be on the same gluten-free & dairy-free boat as me, Trader Joe’s has been my best friend. And on the topic of experimenting, I put together a gluten-free and dairy-free one pot Cajun shrimp pasta.

Disclaimer: I'm no chef. Just sharing tonight's surprisingly good dinner discovery! Loved it so much, I had to write about it.

Here's how I did it in less than 20 minutes:

  1. Pat the shrimp dry. Add cajun seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder, then spread evenly. Didn't quite measure any of the spices, but I'd say it was 70% cajun seasoning, 20% garlic powder, 10% onion powder. Set aside.

  2. In a large skillet, heat the entire pack of hearts of palm pasta for five minutes. Set aside.

  3. With the stove top set on low, melt one tablespoon of the vegan buttery spread. Add garlic and cook for about a minute.

  4. Set to medium and add shrimp so they're laid out flat on the pan. Season with salt and pepper, then allow the shrimp to cook on one side until it turns pink — about three minutes.

  5. Repeat step four on the other side, then add the other tablespoon of vegan buttery spread and let it melt.

  6. Once the shrimp looks ready to go, toss in the hearts of palm pasta and pepper flakes, then mix well. Feel free to add more salt, pepper, garlic powder, or onion powder to taste too.

  7. Option to squeeze lemon and top it off with chopped parsley.

  8. Enjoy!

... and if you did enjoy it, let me know on Instagram @__endorphinenthusiast 😏


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